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Global Warming and Reduction of Environmental Carbon Dioxide Concentration

HIBINO Kenichi 1*
1Imex Japan Co., Ltd. Kyoto, Japan.

Article first published online: December 27, 2015
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These days, global warming is a major concern throughout the world. The cause of the global warming is an increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Of these greenhouse gases, CO2, produced by burning of fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas, has become the major factor. In 1992, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was established and various countermeasures against global warming were discussed by the signatories. In 1997, COP3 was held at the Kyoto International Conference Hall in Kyoto. At this meeting, the historic Kyoto Protocol was adopted, which set internationally binding emission reduction targets. At the end of this year, 2015, COP21/CMP11 will be held in Paris, France, the aim of which will be to reach, for the first time, a universal, legally binding agreement that will enable us to effectively combat climate change and accelerate transitions towards resilient, low-carbon societies and economies. Currently, Japan seeks to cut CO2 emissions in 2020 by 3.8 % from their levels in 2005. The Japanese government announced that in 2013 CO2 emissions were up 0.8% compared with 2005.