International Conference on Quality of Life 2017

Keynote Speaker: Dr. CHEW Yu Gee

Dr Chew Yu Gee is currently the consultant paediatrician and medical director of Hope Children Hospital, that he founded in 1993. He also travels frequently as a ‘missionary doctor’ to Cambodia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Zambia, etc. He is part of CREST, an international medical crisis relief team. He is forever grateful to the Singapore government for providing him a Merit Scholarship to study medicine at the National University of Singapore. He got is specialist training in Paediatrics at NUS, the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland and the Academy of Medicine in Malaysia. Due to his interest in childhood and adolescent psychiatry, he founded the Lighthouse Academy for Special Needs children.  Dr Chew serves a pastor and head elder of the Lighthouse, a ‘home’ for orphans, elderly, disgruntled kids and a place for rehabilitation. He is the designer, architect, landscaper, gardener and proud owner of the Lost Paradise Resort which houses a clinic, the school and the home in it’s compound.

Keynote Speech

Flying without Wings

Profound, happy, successful, peaceful, powerful, purposeful living should be a common goal for all. The song by Westlife ‘Flying without wings’ aptly describes this state of living profoundly. The sixth verse says ‘Cause who's to know which one you let go, would have made you COMPLETE’. One way of living a peaceful powerful and purposeful life is by loving, serving and blessing another sacrificially. 

Unless a seed falls to the ground and ‘dies’, it remains a single seed but when it dies it produces many seeds.