Reaching our Venue

Getting from Kansai International Airport to Kyoto Station

Please note: You must make a reservation for these services well in advance of you departure/arrival date.

75 minutes by JR Kansai International Airport Express Haruka
105 minutes by Airport Limousine Bus

Kyoto Station to KPU

The event takes places on the campus of Kyoto Pharmaceutical University:

  • Japan, 〒607-8414, 京都府京都市 山科区 御陵 中内町 5
  • Misasagi-Nakauchicho 5, Yamashinaku, Kyoto 607-8414

From Yamashina Station it is an 8 minute walk to the University. To get to Yamashina Station (山科駅), use one of the following:

  • Kyoto: From JR Kyoto Station take any eastbound train to Yamashina Station (山科駅).
  • Osaka: From JR Osaka Station take the S. Rapid (新快速) Train (35 minutes) to Yamashina Station (山科駅).
  • Kobe: From JR Sannomiya Station, the the S. Rapid (新快速) Train (57 minutes) to Yamashina Station (山科駅).

For assistance, please email