International Conference on Quality of Life 2017

2017 International Conference on Quality of Life

Conference Overview

Monday August 21st to Tuesday August 22nd, 2017  Penang, Malaysia


We invite like-minded researchers to come aboard and join us in the search of knowledge and wisdom through enlightened discussion and brainstorming. With inspired vision and a shared mission we can all create a better quality of life for all.

New knowledge and understanding in the fields of Education, Healthcare, Psychology, and Social Sciences (EHPSS) are vital to enhancing the world's Quality of Life (QoL). EHPSS represent quickly evolving fields, heralded by the advent of new technologies, original ideas, and wider participation. Currently,  social, cultural, educational, and political circumstances allow some to achieve significant improvements in their quality of life, yet others remain stagnant. This situation is unsustainable, and prevents balanced growth such that all may enjoy productive and rewarding lives. Therefore, novel concepts and new paradigms in EHPSS need to be created and shared so we can move forward in earnest towards joy and satisfaction for all. In this spirit, we invite like-minded researchers to join us in this quest.

Event Description 

This event is an inclusive interdisciplinary research and publishing project. It aims to bring together people from a wide variety of specialties to share ideas and explore new ways of improving Quality of life which are innovative and exciting.

This year's event will be held in the beautiful Lost Paradise Resort in Penang, Malaysia. The Lost Paradise Resort is located in the Batu Ferringhi suburb of George Town along the northern coast of Penang Island. It is the most popular beach destination in Penang among locals and tourists. The hotel features...

During their trip to the conference, we will support all participants as they enjoy all the timeless beauty, sights, and attractions, suitable for all tastes and interests, that this year's event venue has to offer.

Call for Abstracts/Papers

Through sharing different viewpoints and findings, we can incorporate the latest developments in EHPSS into our own outlook and practice. Those who thirst for knowledge can be satisfied, and those who yearn to endow others can be fullfilled. Those who have a surfeit, can be unburdened, and those who are lacking can be supplied. Those who have progressed can bring others into their company, and those who struggle to move forward can find their road cleared and their pace quickened.

As resources and budgets become tighter, we must all share and participate in the intensive and extensive work of discovering knowledge together, especially so as to avoid wasteful and duplicated effort. By gathering all those who care, we can learn what we need from each other, and eventually improve quality of life - in all its meanings - for all our brothers and sisters in all the four corners of the earth.

Therefore, researchers, practitioners, representatives, artists, consultants, scholars, and others active in EHPSS or other quality of life (QoL) related topics are cordially invited to submit abstracts for oral presentations for ICQol-2017. The types of presentations sought include (but are not limited to): experimental accounts, case and group studies, research work, reports, and works of art & craft, works-in-progress, and workshops. Full information about topics to be covered, and submission requirements, and conference checklist can be found on our Presentations and Abstracts page.

Abstracts for oral or poster presentations should be submitted by July 20, 2017 via our online form. The official language of the conference is English, and all presentations and abstracts should be presented in English.

Journal of the Academic Society for Quality of Life

Presenters may further wish to have a full paper published in the Journal of the Academic Society for Quality of Life. They may do so by directly accessing the JAS4QoL Manuscript Submission Form on the AS4oL website.

Schedule of Events

Various off session events will be planned. Please note that the availability of off-session events are subject to a minimum number of participants enrolling in the event.  Click here for a full schedule. 

Keynote Speaker and Oral Presentations

Keynote speakers are to be announced. Oral Presentations will take place in the main meeting room.

Travel to Penang including Accomodations and Visas

While attendees should make their own arrangements for travel and accommodation, we have prepared a brief guide with links to things to do in Penang so as to make your time at the conference most enjoyable. Once in Penang, here is how to get to the main event.

Conference Checklist

  1. □ Review Motivation and Purpose and Themes Covered.
  2. □ Review Presentation Guidelines and Abstract Content Guidelines.
  3. Prepare and Submit Presentation Abstract By Presentation Abstract deadline.
  4. Submit Registration by the appropriate Registration deadline.
  5. □ Submit payment by Paypal or by other means.

Conference Registration, Deadlines, and Fees

Submit Conference Registration via our online form. Those who register by July 20, 2016 may receive the "Early Bird" discount. Students and members also receive a discount. Full information is available about our registration process, fees, and deadlines.

Those wishing to register after August 5th, 2017 should submit a request via our Inquiries page.

Inquiries and FAQ

For more information please see our FAQ page. Inquiries may also be sent on the form on our Inquiries page.


This year's Conference Organizers and the Organizing Panel gratefully acknowledge the following organizations and individuals for their generous sponsorship and support:

Thanks to Imex Japan for their generous financial support and for the use of their facilities in planning this event.

We are grateful for Lost Paradise Hotel's staff cooperation in arranging the facilities for this event.