International Conference on Quality of Life 2017

Travel and Accommodations



Below are some suggestions for accomodations in Penang, including two that are offering special rates for ICQOL2017 attendees, the Lost Paradise Hotel and the Shangri-la Rasa Sayang Hotel. Take a look at the photos and information below, and contact Professor Foong for info about the special deals.

1. Lost Paradise Hotel


The Lost Paradise Hotel offers fine accommodation and of course the most convenient location. Their special offer includes Superior Rooms go for "RM200 nett for 2 pax" and Deluxe Suites with an ocean view are "RM280 nett for 2-3 pax". To take advantage of this special deal, you may contact Professor Foong  or visit their website directly.

  • What Do "RM", "Nett" and "Pax" Mean?

"RM" is the Malaysian ringgit, the local currency. One USD is about 4.4 Riggit, or 4.4RMor 4.4RM and RM200 is roughly $45, or 5,000JPY. "Nett" price includes any taxes/service charges, i.e. the "final" price. "Pax" comes from the word passengers, and means people/guests.

2. Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Hotel

Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa  To book:

Another nearby choice is the Shangri-La Rasa Sayan Hotel. Again, Professor Foong has arranged a group rate for conference attendees, and you should contact him directly for more details. Click the photo to visit the hotel's website.

3. Other Hotels in the Area


Visa and Immigration Procedures

We do not issue invitation letters or letters of guarantee for visa applications. Please contact the consulate in your country of origin.

Conference Off-Session Local Tours

We are planning special Off-Session Tours for conference attendees to enjoy and explore Penang culture.

Weather and Attire

In order to provide for your comfort during for the conference at this time of year, we recommend clothing should be clean, neat, convenient, and casual, but not too casual. Short- and long-sleeved shirts or dresses are generally appropriate. We recommend light breathable fabrics. We do not recommend short pants or skirts during the conference itself, as the buildings are air-conditioned. Suits and ties and other formal wear will not be comfortable and are not required at the conference.

Dress Code

The dress code is informal, though clean, comfortable attire is recommended. Suits and ties will not be pleasant in the summer heat.

Food and Dining

During your stay we hope you will enjoy world-renowned Malaysian cuisine.

During the conference itself, we will be providing two catered meals. Please see our FAQ and Registration page for information about specifying dietary preferences.


We advise attendees to take out appropriate travel insurance for their trip. Local clinics and hospitals may not treat foreign patients who do not have insurance.