International Conference on Quality of Life 2019

The Conference Genting Cruise


By special arrangement with the cruise operators, ICQoL 2018 participants on the Singapore - Pulau Redang – Sihanoukville – Bangkok Cruise will be receiving a generous discount. 

  • Fares include bed, breakfasts, dinners, all entertainment/physical workout facilities for the whole cruise for participants. Affordable fees for berth-visits/tours to cities etc. may be charged. Discounted Cabin Fares (costs, payments, etc.) are presented below.
  • Fares do not include Meeting Registration Fee.
  • In addition, there is a per-cabin gratuity fee that is payable on board that is approximately 105 Singapore dollars, depending on the cabin type.
  • For full information, and to submit payment fill out the form on the Registration Fees and Deadlines page.

Choose your nationality to view the corresponding Cabin Fare schedule:

Malaysian Japanese Other (English)
# Cabin Type Total costs/cabin (MR*)
1 single cabin 6,350
2 Twin cabin (2 adults) 8,500
3 Triple cabin (2 adults + 1 infant) 8,400
4 Triple cabin (2 adults + 1 child/adult) 9,200
5 Quad cabin (2 adults + 1 infant + 1 child) 17,300
6 Quad cabin (2 adults + 2 children/adults) 18,700
*MR: Malaysian Ringgit
**SGD: Singapore dollar
#Participants need to remit the total cost per cabin for their respective itemized column + registration fees
For example: 1 active participant MR6,350+1,200=MR7,550; 2 active adults (twin cabin) pay MR8,500+2,400= MR10,900;
1 active participant + accompanying person (twin cabin) pay MR8,500+0= MR8,500, and so on for basic rights to 2 meals/facilities/day for 5-night stay onboard
# Gratuity is supposed to be paid onboard the cruise. Note: Waiver for infant below age 2 yr

Malaysian participants - Remittance to:
Bank Name: Public Bank Berhad (Sungai Nibong Branch)
Account No. : 6-3364562-05
Account Holder : FOONG FOO WAH

Registration Fees in Malaysian Ringitt:

  • Early birds 1,200 (members); 1,500 (non-members)
  • Late birds 1,500 (members); 2,000 (non-members)
  1. Note on registration fees: 1) After payment of registration fees, non-members will be granted membership for the year 2018 2) No registration fees for accompanying members
  2. Visit
    this page
    for information on how to pay in Malaysian Currency
# Cabin Type ケビン当り総費用 JPY
1 シングル用キャビン 192,500
2 キャビン用ケビン(2大人) 260,400
3 ツリパル用キャビン(2大人+1小児) 255,000
4 ツリパル用キャビン(2大人+1小児/大人) 281,400
5 クワトロ用キャビン(2大人+1小児+1子供) 523,000
6 クワトロ用キャビン(2大人+2子供/大人) 567,000
参加者は、適切なケビン費用+参加費を下記の口座に振り込んで頂きます。 心つけ費用は、船上で支払って頂きます。2歳以下の小児は、心つけは、要りません。 ケビン当り心つけの支払い、船上で = 1人につき約105 SGD *JPY: 日本円, **SGD: シンガポールドル
Japanese participants: Remittance by 郵便払込取扱票
口座記号  口座番号


  • 7月15日以前参加者 25,000 (members); 30000 (non-members)
  • 7月15日以降参加者 30,000 (members); 35,000 (non-members)


参加費を支払った後、自動的にい2018年度学会会員になる。 キャビン当りの費用には朝食と夕食の他、ほどんとのナイトショー、他の施設・設備(ジム、プール、ジャグジーなど)を無料で利用できます。

# Cabin Type Total cost/cabin in JPY
1 single cabin 192,500
2 Twin cabin (2 adults) 260,400
3 Triple cabin (2 adults + 1 infant) 255,000
4 Triple cabin (2 adults + 1 child/adult) 281,400
5 Quad cabin (2 adults + 1 infant + 1 child) 523,000
6 Quad cabin (2 adults + 2 children/adults) 567,000
Particpants need to remit the total cost per cabin for their respective cabins + registration fees. Gratuity: to be paid onboard the cruise *JPY: Japanese yen, **SGD: Singapore dollar

Total cost/cabin include breakfast, dinner, dinner shows, other facilities (e.g. gym, pool, jacuzzi, golf facilities, etc.). Outings from ship are at personal discretion and may entail additional fees.

All payments (registration fees, and cruise boarding fees) must be made payable to AS4QoL. Participants and accompanying members will not board for the cruise if relevant payments are not received by the closing date (Aug 6, 2018).


The cruise covers 5 nights, leaving Sunday, September 2nd, 2018 from Singapore and visiting Pulau Redang Island in Malaysia, Sihanoukville in Cambodia, Laem Chabang in Thailand, and returning to Singapore on Friday, September 7th, 2018.

Check in is on September 2nd at 1:00pm at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre in Singapore.

Below is the full Itinerary:

Dream Cruises Logos

Ship Accommodations and Amenities

Download (2018.01.31_GDR_Ship-Brochure_Ver.3.1_EN_Preview-1.pdf, 1.63MB)

Food and Dining

During your stay we hope you will enjoy the wonderful selection of food available on the cruise.

Download (DC_MICE-Brochure-Insert_EN_SGD-Updated-2017-May-26.pdf, 1.22MB)

Please see our FAQ and Registration page for information about specifying dietary preferences.