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About Academic Society for Quality of Life

The AS4QoL was launched in 2014 with the purpose to promote, exchange, and share academic activities, knowledge, and various aspects of the quality-of-life (QoL) via research interaction, publication, and meetings. AS4QoL publishes the Journal of AS4QoL (JAS4QoL) with all themes and topics related to QoL (About Our Journal). The AS4QoL aspires to organize yearly meetings at various international sites with one meeting held at its base, Kyoto at intervals of 3 calendar years. Subscribing to the Journal of the Academic Society for Quality of Life automatically enrolls the subscriber as a member of the Academic Society for the Quality of Life (AS4QoL).
Although both members and non-members have access to view and read published manuscripts at all time, only those who have have become paying members have the right to contribute.
Regardless of academic background, nationality, color, creed or religion, all are welcome to join in as members to achieve the purpose of promoting, nurturing and maturing QoL. Although a uniform subscription fee is levied for all subscribing parties, students may receive financial aids for participation in the yearly meetings when funds are available.

Join AS4QoL by login PayPal payment system and fill the relevant form as a member.

- The Organizing Committee - 

President : Anthony FW FOONG, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University
Vice President : SASA Masayoshi, Nagisawa Hospital
Vice President-Elect : Mohamed Azmi Ahmad HASSALI, University Sain Malaysia
Secretary General : Stephan HALL, Sunway University
Treasurer : SATO Noriko, Imex Japan Co., Ltd

(Names below in alphabetical order)
Planning & Promotion Directors : FUKADA Mamoru, Stephan HALL, HAMASAKI Hiroshi, Johann SCHALLER, Justus WALLEN
Administration Directors : SATO Noriko, ISHII Erina
IT & Technical Directors : FUKADA Mamoru, HIGUCHI Yuki
Journal-Editing Technical Advisors : FUJIWARA Yumi, HIGUCHI Yuki, ITO Ken, NISHIOKA Yuichiro, ISHII Erina
Legal Advisor : ISHII Kazuaki
Auditors : NAKAI Hisao, FUKADA Mamoru


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