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Objectives & Scope

The Academic Society for Quality-of-life (AS4QoL) is dedicated to the promotion of quality-of-life (QoL) via international education, academic cooperation, and idea exchange in fields related with arts, crafts, education, psychology, humanities, science, technology, medicine and health disciplines for the good of global and human wellness.
As such, AS4QoL publishes the Journal of Academic Society for Quality-of-life (JAS4QoL) to disseminate, share, exchange and promote all QoL in general.

The philosophy of AS4QoL is based on the process of incorporating new information and controversial input into a melting pot of novel knowledge via an interdisciplinary approach. This process involves molding of novel data with knowledge to yield a new perspective, where existing knowledge should be modified to accommodate the novel ideas and useful information input/output, and subsequently modified in light of the existing knowledge to yield novelty and new discoveries for QoL enhancement and achievement.

The integration process should implement overall arts, crafts, educational, psychological, social and human sciences, medical and healthcare disciplines as well as cultural and scientific perspectives in such a way that sheds light not only on the relevance to QoL, but also defines certain relevant universal principles for establishing QoL. In doing so, human wellness and other QoL in general should be promoted to enrich life, humanities, civilization, and the wellbeing of all.

As such, the main objective of JAS4QoL is to provide a forum and effective medium for academicians, scientists, scholars, and researchers a vehicle to:

• Present results and receive feedback of their research activities in the various disciplines, themes and areas of knowledge.

• Discuss research activities via sharing of designs, artworks, new ideas, innovations, theoretical challenge, methodological designs, empirical knowledge and problem-solving techniques, and wisdoms for better understanding in the various disciplines, themes and areas of knowledge related with QoL.

• Through these interactive activities, new friendships are linked, new partnership in research is bridged, and collaborations are integrated to make this world a better place to promote QoL in all aspects.

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