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Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is to provide a platform for the integration of knowledge through a process of interactive exchange of novel and revolutionary ideas, and in the process molding an understanding of multiple disciplines in a common good of QoL achievements. The interactive disciplines include - but are not limited to - cultural, societal, theoretical, scientific, and clinical perspectives of knowledge for the promotion of global QoL.

AS4QoL aspires to bring together different individuals, international institutions, bodies, and organizations from countries of the world for discussion and cooperation via periodical international conferences and events.

The MISSION of AS4QoL is to promote and enhance communication among the various individuals, institutions, and organizations with the intentional objectives devoted to arts, crafts, humanities, psychology, behavior, sciences and technologies, medicine and healthcare disciplines to promote QoL through:
1. Promotion of best practice and standards for QoL via JAS4QoL.
2. Facilitation of holding international events, relevant forums, training, workshops, and information exchange.
3. Dissemination of knowledge and knowhow to exert constructive influence in QoL-related individual and public policy.
4. Online publications used as a database for research, project designs, and innovation activities held on an international scale.
AS4QoL harbors the VISION that the useful intended objectives is best achieved through international cooperation and promotion of closer development among QoL-relevant educational institutions and individuals. AS4QoL believes that such international cooperation can help countries learn from each other, and promotes the dissemination of art/craft-related, scientific, technological, and healthcare activities for the good of overall QoL. To achieve the vision of AS4QoL, we surely and sincerely need your domestic and global cooperation, understanding and participation with intelligence, wisdom, novelty, and excellence in idea and innovation and philosophy to further promote QoL via JAS4QoL publication.
Therefore, JAS4QoL provides the ideal opportunity and springboard to present your talents, projects, experiences, novel concepts, and useful ideas. It is the perfect platform to discuss the latest developments in the field of arts, crafts, cultural development, teaching and learning, educational projects, psychological data, social science, health-related findings, clinical innovations, and new applied technologies related to the promotion of QoL for the common human good and overall wellness.

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