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Notice Concerning Payments

Effective January 2019, the Academic Society for Quality of Life (AS4QoL) has appointed Imex Japan (Publishing) Co. Ltd. as the organization for proofreading, editing, formatting, and posting of manuscripts accepted (after peer review) and for publication in the Journal of Academic Society for Quality of Life. As part of this arrangement, authors and others receiving these services will be submitting payments directly to Imex Japan Co. Ltd rather than to AS4QoL.

Student Annual Membership Payment


Please press the PayPal button below to submit payment for Annual Membership.

Feel free to add a comment if necessary.

If you are submitting a regular member or different payment, please visit the correct page below:

Annual Membership

Follow this link for the Membership Application. 

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Short Communications


  • Philosophical Note: by invitation only, free.

  • Wisdom Note: by invitation only, free.

  • For non-paypal payments, see this page.


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