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Themes & Topics

JAS4QoL provides a medium for local and global issues from the perspectives of integration disciplines of knowledge and idea exchange: artworks, crafts, culture, education, economics, sciences, cultures, theologies, and societal perspectives related with QoL. Through individual or team collaborative research activities, researchers analyze perspectives and mold novel ideas and knowledge via the different yet interactive fields of knowledge involving analyses of the past, assessment and modification of the present, and evolve to develop QoL-related futuristic plans. Therefore, JAS4QoL provides a channel for developing and promoting enrichment of life and opportunities for health promotion that transcend different disciplines in our ever-changing and constantly challenging world.

JAS4QoL encourages research paper submissions that integrate knowledge among but not restricted to the following topics and themes of QoL interest:

1. Arts & Crafts
2. Astronomy
3. Banking & Economics
4. Behavioral Sciences
5. Biotechnology
6. Business studies
7. Child Developmental studies
8. Communication studies
9. Corporate Social Responsibility studies
10. Cultural studies
11. Developmental studies
Education & Educational studies
13. Ecology studies
Engineering and Technology
Environmental studies
16. Ethics studies
17. Finance studies
18. Global studies
19. Governance studies
Healthcare and Medicine
21. History
22. Health-Counseling studies
23. Human Resource
Information Sciences
Interdisciplinary studies
Language studies
Law studies
28. Learning & Teaching
Literature studies
30. Logistic studies
Management studies
32. Marketing studies
33. Mathematics and Statistics studies
34. Medical Ethics studies
35. Medicine and Medical Science studies
36. Multidisciplinary studies
37. Nursing & Nursing practice
38. Nutrition and Dietetics studies
39. Occupational Science studies
40. Organizational studies
41. Parenting studies
Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences
43. Philosophy studies
44. Physical & Life Sciences studies
Political Science studies
Psychiatry studies
47. Psychology studies
48. Public & Environmental Health studies
49. Reproductive Medicine studies
50. Social Sciences and Humanities studies
51. Tourism & Hospitality studies
52. Teaching Methodologies
53. Studies Related with Quality-of-Life

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