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About our Journal

The JAS4QoL is an online journal dedicated to the promotion of quality-of-life (QoL) via global interactive education, academic cooperation, and idea exchange in fields related with arts, crafts, education, psychology, humanities, science, technology, medicine and studies related with QoL. JAS4QoL will begin publication on a quarterly basis, and when and where appropriate, revise and increase the frequency of publication to a bimonthly basis, and eventually to a monthly basis over time. Therefore, each issue will be the running issue, and all officially accepted manuscripts will be published online in the order of the acceptance date. For more information, see the Submission Guidelines.


- Editorial Board -

Chief Editor (Natural Sciences): NAKAI Hisao
Chief Editor (Liberal Arts & Cultural Sciences): AKIZAWA Masao
Directors of the Review Board Committee (DRBC) for Natural Sciences + Liberal Arts & Cultural Sciences) :
(Names in alphabetical order)
ADACHI Tomoko, Robert CHAN, Shoei FURUKAWA, Stephan HALL, HAMASAKI Hiroshi, Mohamed Azmi Ahmad HASSALI, HIBINO Kenichi, IMAI Chizuru, ITABE HIroyuki, KAMADA Masao, KURIOKA Narito, NISHIO Masaki, SASA Masayoshi, MATSUDA Hisashi, OHYA Susumu, Johann SCHALLER, SOGA Tomoko, UWANO Yoshio
Production : SATO Noriko
Administration : FUKADA Mamoru, ISHII Erina

Chief Executive Officer : SATO Noriko
Technical Directors : FUKADA Mamoru, HIGUCHI Yuki
Technical Advisors : FUJIWARA Yumi, ISHII Erina, ITO Ken, NISHIOKA Yuichiro
Language Advisors : David CRESPO, Wayne FC CHEAH
Publishing & Online Posting : Imex Japan Co. Ltd.

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