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Members of the AS4QoL are obliged to:

  • Contribute their experience, knowledge, know-how, and findings to the journal of AS4QoL for the betterment of QoL.
  • Submit the relevant annual membership and journal submisson fees (shown here) to help keep the journal updated and management sound. Undergraduate and postgraduate students (supporting documents required) are provided a reduced membership fee.
  • The membership fee is valid for one calendar year, and will last from the date of payment until the day before said date of the following year (e.g. payment on Jan 11, 2015 with membership termination on Jan 10, 2016).
  • Members are reminded of annual membership payment at least 2 months before due date, and are gratefully advised to remit the required amount at the earliest possible date.
  • Members should support and help with societal activities of AS4QoL in all aspects whenever and wherever requested.
  • Apart from accessing to viewing the published manuscripts, members should always try and contribute articles of QoL interests (with a manuscript contribution fee).
  • Membership qualifies a member to participate in international meetings at a privileged registration fee.
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students may be given financial help when funds are ample and available for said purpose, but not otherwise.
  • Members should maintain and keep up the good name of AS4QoL at all times. 10) In the event a member has committed criminal offences or civil torts of moral turpitude in his or her country, he/she is obliged to leave the AS4QoL without reservation or discussion.

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